Have You Been Ticketed for Driving Under the Influence?

Find a good lawyer

It seems like a lifetime ago.
Fortunately, it has been years since the night you received the phone call that your husband had been ticketed with his second DUI. Although you knew that he drank and you sometimes drank together, it suddenly became apparent that his drinking was becoming a problem.
Both the first and the second time that he was picked up he never even called you. Instead, a phone call to one of his bowling friends produced the ride home he needed from the police station. When he was ticked the first time your husband made it seem like it was no big deal. The police car had been sitting a block from the bowling alley and just picked someone to stop. It was your husband’s turn.
That’s how he explained it anyway.
The second offense, however, was a signal that drinking was a problem that you could no longer ignore.
Tucked away in a drawer somewhere you still have that paper with the phone number. A friend at work told you that it was the name and number of the best DUI attorney in town. And while your husband had to attend some AA classes for six months and he had to buy a bike and ride it to work for a few weeks, as a couple you actually came out of the whole ordeal in a better place. The best DUI attorney that your friend suggested was able to help reduce the consequences for your husband. A one night stay in the downtown jail had a lasting effect and combined with the year of AA classes your husband has changed.
His late night bowling and drinking with his friends came to the end. He found out that he could still get together with his buds, bowl, and just drink Coke or water. Calmer nights. Happier marriage.
You now have two daughters, one a sophomore in high school the other a sophomore in college. Neither of them even know about the drinking and driving charges that happened a lifetime ago.
Do You Need to Find a DUI Attorney?
The story could have been different. Heavier penalties like bigger fines, more time in jail, and an even longer license suspension could have proven disastrous. Unable to rent cars when he was on business trips, your husband likely would have missed out on some of the jobs that lead to his very early promotions. Asking for and getting the name of the best DUI attorney was a turning point away from what could have been a very different life.
Finding a good attorney is key to surviving many situations in life. Whether you are seeking advice in a possible divorce, assistance in handling a DUI ticket, or guidance in a personal injury case, finding a good lawyer is often the key.
Whether you find yourself looking for the best DUI attorney or the best family lawyer, it is often difficult to navigate the complications of the legal system without the best representation.
Without representation, for instance, even a first time DUI offense can result in up to six points on a license. Combined with other traffic violations like speeding or running stop signs, drivers can find themselves in a precarious situation.
Statistics Indicate That the Number of Drivers in Need of Attorneys Continue to Grow
The most recent statistics show that more than 1.1 million people in the state of Ohio alone have at least one conviction for driving while impaired. This number represents nearly one in every seven licensed drivers in the state. The fact that more than 14% of Ohio drivers have at least one conviction could indicate that the legal system will come down both heavy and hard on even the first time offenders. With the best DUI attorney, however, some of the damage may be avoided.
Drivers who are facing DUI charges can ask an attorney to analyze videos, contact witnesses, and challenge breathalyzer tests in order to help the case. Without legal representation it may be more difficult to get the evidence you need to erase or reduce the charge.
Life can change very quickly. Charges of DUI require an experienced attorney to protect a driver’s rights and to take appropriate action to limit the consequences that driver may face.

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