Have You or a Loved One Been injured at Work?

Disability insurance attorney

When you were in training and planning to begin your career, the process seemed pretty simple.
Your work would involve clocking in and out, and doing what you were assigned in between.
You never imagined that your future would include an employment attorney, physical therapy, and lost wages caused by injury.
You would work your assigned hours on the production floor. You would monitor the assembly line as the loaves of bread passed by. When a misshapen loaf appeared, the rejection process was kind of fun. With a simple downward fist punch you would flatten the loaf so that no one would mistake it for a product that should be packaged or sold.
For the first few months things were going well. The work could get a little monotonous, but the kinds of products that came across the line varied by day and sometimes by the hour. If they were short handed on the gluten free side of the plant you would often offer to be one of the people who went to the other side.
On your 74th day of employment, however, things were not simple. The day did not go as planned. Even before you made your way to your assigned spot on the line, tragedy struck.
A pallet that had been stacked over night shifted and some how came tumbling down. You heard the noise and managed to get yourself mostly out of the way when you heard the initial shifting above your head. Your left foot and ankle, however, received the worst part of the blow. A combination of the weight of the falling pallet and the last two bags of flour crashed to the floor, landing on your foot. The immediate pain was excruciating. And while the work attorneys seemed helpful at first, the things they were offering fell short of getting you the assistance that you needed.
Disability Insurance Attorneys May be Able to Help Workers Get the Help That They Need
Accidents happen. When they happen at work, however, the accidents are sometimes things that could have been prevented. If a company is found to be negligent in an accident that happens at work, for instance, the repercussions can be quite serious. And while companies have their own attorneys to represent them in these accident cases, the injured employee should consider having their own attorney as well. The combined efforts of the employment attorney and the workers compensation attorney will serve the purposes of the employer, but a disability attorney can look out for the best interests of the employee and his or her family members. Likewise a short term disability attorney may be to help an injured employee get the needed resources without having to wait as long.
Even work places with policies to make sure that the environment is up to code, one mistake can cause a serious accident. Over stacking trays of bread, for instance, can cause a crash that can injure a worker. And while falling things cause some of the workplace accidents, employee falls are more common. In fact, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits a year. This number represents 21.3% of the yearly ER visits, making them the leading cause of those visits. Additionally, slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of all falls. when these accidents occur at work, workers often decide to seek the advice of an employment attorney or a workers comp attorney to make sure that they get the resources they need for lost wages, physical rehabilitation, and other expenses.
The maximum average workers compensation settlement for an employee who damaged one arm at work in America, for instance, amounted to approximately $169,880, according to statistics from as March of 2015.
In some states an employment attorney or a workers compensation attorney is even more important. did you know, for instance, that 26% of states do not require businesses to have worker’s compensation coverage. In those states, employees might be even more inclined to seek their own legal council. Whether you are an employee who has only been on the job for 74 days or for twenty years, an employer should take responsibility for work accidents.

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