How Can I Help My Small Business Grow?

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Every company, large or small, is interested in expanding to a wider audience in the long-term. Doing so properly, however, takes extensive research, time and caution to execute properly. Private placement securities lawyers are professionals who are intimately familiar with the legal system and the ebb and flow of the modern economy, offering you both the resources and expertise you would struggle to find elsewhere. Whether you are seeking out a private placement securities lawyer to help you approach the stock market or a corporate lawyer to represent your company, knowing where to start is the first step on a long and satisfying journey. Look below at how the stock market is faring in America, common legal pitfalls you need to avoid and how you can get your start expanding your company safely.

What Is An IPO?

IPO is an acronym for initial public offering, also known as a stock market launch, and is used by corporations small and large to sell their shares publicly. U.S. market funds, totaling over $3 trillion as of recent years, are vital to investors, corporations and the economy at large. Getting started on your path to investing in an IPO is particularly crucial for smaller companies looking to reach out to a wider audience and potentially expand their brand. When it comes to the stock market in America, prospects have shown much more favorable patterns than what they may seem at a glance.

How Is America Faring?

Despite a rapidly changing economy and an increasingly fluctuating outlook on financial prospects for the country as a whole, U.S. IPO proceeds and developments have shown little sign of slowing down. The year 2013 saw a high-water mark of $55 billion, with at least $85 billion in proceeds. The following year brought almost 300 IPOs completed by a variety of different corporations, a 23% increase from the year before. January of 2015 also saw the House Of Representatives passing the H.R. 37, also known as the Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burden Act, to stimulate the economy further. From increasing the amount of jobs available to putting your company on the map, everyone stands to benefit from applying with the SEC.

How Do I Start Filing?

Knowing where to start is simultaneous with knowing what to avoid. Just two years prior the SEC enforcement division brought nearly 800 criminal cases as well as an agency record of $4 billion to the table. A significant sum dealt with violations relating to reporting and disclosure as well as trading on the basis of inside information. When it comes to filling out your application, a business that makes less than $1 billion per year qualifies as an emerging growth company and will require different registration than one who does. Remember to file soon, as well, as the average length required by the SEC is within 90 days and potential legal complications can extend that date further. While this process takes time and care, it will put you and your company in the public eye to better take advantage of the unprecedented growth seen in the modern American economy. Contact your local private placement securities lawyer and see how they can help bolster your business today.

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