Common Legal Questions

UPDATED 12/18/20

The hope is that you’ll never have to need the services of a personal injury lawyer, because hiring their services mean that you were involved in an accident. However, in case an unfortunate injury does befall you, you could at least rest assured that a lawyer can help with your case.

A personal injury lawyer primarily handles cases that involve their client getting an injury due to negligence of another person or entity. It could be as simple as tripping on uneven floor in the shopping mall that had no warning signs, slipping on the office lobby’s wet floor that nobody had cleaned up despite repeated requests, or a car accident. Whichever the case may be, you can hire a personal injury attorney employment issues or a personal injury attorney auto accident cases.

“Should I get a lawyer after an accident?” The answer would depend on what kind of accident and how severe is the damage or injury incurred.

should i get a lawyer after an accident

“Should I get a personal injury lawyer after car accident?” Definitely yes. Sometimes, the party at fault may direct you to their insurance for a claim, but then the insurance company will deny your claim.

Can you settle with insurance company without a lawyer? Technically, you can. The risk of settling personal injury claims by yourself, however, is that you will not be getting what is rightfully due to you because the insurance company can easily shortchange you. If you really want to make sure that you will get the compensation you deserve, hire a personal injury attorney auto accident.