Mobile Subscriptions Raise Security and Ethics Concerns

Forensic computer examiner

Did you know that, according to the Wireless Association, Americans send and receive 6 billion text messages every single day? That’s 69,635 messages per second! A growing number of Americans are favoring mobile communication. Today’s increasingly digital and mobile world is changing the ways private investigators dig up pertinent information. What is digital forensic analysis, and how are today’s detectives conducting investigations?

The Increasing Role of Digital Forensic Analysis

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), private investigation services will create 21% more jobs by 2020. Law firms, police departments, and even large corporations are seeking out more detectives, especially professionals focusing in digital forensic services and ediscovery solutions. What do lawyers, law enforcement, and corporate heads expect from computer and digital forensics detectives?

  • Law Firms and Police Departments

    Legal firms and police departments may hire digital forensic analysts to retrieve texts, e-mails, documents, and files pertaining to a particular criminal investigation. Some computer forensics experts may be able to retrieve encrypted or deleted data. USA Today adds, “Computer forensic specialists often spend hours in a courtroom, testifying in cases where security was breached or explaining how they used technology to find wrongdoing.”

  • Corporations

    Corporations use digital forensic analysis to many different ends. For example, firms may hire computer forensics examiners to help conduct pre-employment background checks, e-mail misuse, or computer- or phone-based HR concerns. An employer may want to hold employees accountable for using company affiliated e-mail for non-work purposes. Another employee may raise concerns about inappropriate e-mails or texts sent by a supervisor. Computer forensics examiners have the software, tools, and skill set to investigate these claims.

    Moreover, the dependency on computers and smartphones increases risks of serious security infractions. Computer forensic analysts can research hacks and other security threats, and help identify areas to work on.

The growing reliance on computers, tablets, and smartphones comes with a lot of baggage. Legal firms, law enforcement, and large corporations continue to hire more computer forensics analysts to investigate texts, e-mails, computer-based data, and security breaches. Research more like this.

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