The Service of Patent Attorneys in the Application Process

Ideas and motivated creations may seem easily your own property, but it is important to remember that not everything can be patented. The patent application process can be long and challenging, and often it is only available in certain industries. It could be as easy as the idea had already been placed in a patent application, or it may just be too similar to something that is already patented. Therefore, patent attorneys are essential to completing the patent application process.

What is a Patent Attorney?

With the initiation of the first patent well over two centuries ago, and the process has become more valuable and challenging over the years. A patent attorney specializes in patent law and intellectual property among other important processes. Trademark law is another important process that is very similar to a patent and can help a lot of other creative professionals with content like logos, books, websites, and more. Basically, any content you create may seem like yours, but it often takes the assistance of a patent attorney or intellectual property attorney to place the proper rights on it. Acquiring intellectual property ownership can be a challenge and it is even harder to maintain without the services of a patent attorney. Patent attorneys hold various roles internationally, considering differences in international intellectual property law. Therefore, patent lawyers sometimes need a broad knowledge of patent law and intellectual property law across many nations because of the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of products internationally.

The Patent Application Process

Applying for a patent is not a straightforward process. It can take months or even years and usually has to be renewed or re-started several times. Without patent lawyers, mistakes are easily made in the process, especially with a 12-month expiration in the single application pass. At that point, the process needs to be started again. With the help of a patent lawyer, following the laws and regulations of the patenting process move much smoother, including the knowledge of the inventions that are capable of patent, exactly which application forms to file and when along with the proper industry in which to patent your invention.

Summary of The Patent Application Process

Luckily, once the initial steps are taken, the patent application is filed and the waiting process begins, you are able to mark your product as “patent pending.” This lasts for those first 12 months while you are waiting on the approval or the need to renew the application. Throughout the process of applying for a patent, you should know that not everything meets the qualifications for a patent, and that is where patent attorneys are most helpful. Also, over half a million patent applications are submitted to the USPTO annually. This means that there is a good chance that you will have to apply more than once before getting an official answer.