The Severe Consequences of Drunk Driving

Is drunk driving a felony

The consequences of drunk driving vary from state to state. For instance, the first time drivers in the state of Ohio are charged with a DUI and convicted requires them to pay a $450 license reinstatement fee. In the state of Tennessee, however, individuals who are convicted of their first drunk driving offenses can lose their driver’s licenses for a full year. If that doesn’t seem harsh enough already, they could be sentenced to 11 months in jail on top of that!

Although drunk driving laws can differ considerably from one state to another, folks who are caught driving drunk should always expect strict drunk driving penalties. There is little question that even a first drunk driving conviction will result in a suspended license. And if the irresponsible actions of a drunk driver inflict injury or damage to another person or property, spending some time behind bars is likely.

Obviously, there is nothing good that can ever come out of drunk driving. But motorists who are pulled over by the police and charged with drunk driving have every right to question any evidence that is levied against them. Of course, they will need to enlist the counsel of experienced DUI criminal defense lawyers in order to have any chance of successfully refuting any evidence the prosecution has against them.

A good DUI criminal defense lawyer will have plenty of experience challenging the results of breathalyzer tests, analyzing police video, and even extracting supporting evidence from witnesses. Additionally, the top drunk driving lawyers possess the skills to implement effectively the DUI defense strategies that have the best chance of helping their clients.

While there is never an excuse to get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol, all Americans have the right to defend themselves against any legal charges that are brought against them. Only leading DUI criminal defense lawyer possess the knowledge, skill, and experience that allows them to take full advantage of defending one of their most basic American rights.

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