Three Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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Nobody gets married thinking that will someday have to face a divorce. For most of us, marriage is something approached with the idea of “forever” in mind — and when we say our vows, we truly do mean them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to want to stick to your vows 10 years down the road, however. Not all marriages work out; this is just a fact of life. Just as relationships break down prior to marriage, they can do the same after marriage. The difference is that a marriage represents not just an emotional and personal contract, but a legal one. This is why, in the case of most divorce, hiring a divorce attorney is necessary. While the divorce process doesn’t specifically require a divorce attorney, an attorney can ensure that a divorce happens in a manner that is quick, efficient, and as fair for their client as possible. Unfortunately, many people hesitate over calling divorce lawyers because they’re either in denial about the reality of their divorce, or they’re simply in shock. Many people still don’t understand why their divorce happened — even after they’ve signed the divorce papers. Divorce attorneys see countless different reasons for divorce; but there are a few reasons that tend to repeat. Below, we’ll look into some of the main reasons why people get divorced.

1. Infidelity

Let’s get this one out of the way first — because when people hear about a “shocking” divorce, they often assume that infidelity is the reason why it happened. In fact, there are many different reasons why people get divorced that have nothing to do with infidelity, as we’ll explore below. But betrayal certainly is a factor in many marital breakdowns. It’s one of the top five reasons for divorce in the U.S., statistically speaking, and can even lead to health issues. As dramatic as that may sound, a study by the University of Florence revealed that infidelity outside the home led to a higher risk for cardiovascular events, including fatal heart attacks. While some people find themselves able to forgive their spouse for infidelity — often with the help of a marriage counselor — others just find the event too traumatic and stressful. In that case, it’s better to admit that an infidelity is unforgivable early on, rather than put yourself and your family through an attempted forgiveness process that just isn’t going to work. A person who commits infidelity isn’t necessarily a bad person — but it’s not always something their spouse can move past.

2. Financial Problems

Any divorce attorney can tell you that financial problems can definitely contribute to the breakdown of a marriage — they’re right up there with infidelity in that respect. This may be one of the reasons why first marriages typically only last about eight years — young couples can find it difficult to make it through the tough financial times associated with starting your career and making it on your own. This becomes even more stressful when children are added to the mix. The fact is that when a financial crisis hits a family, one spouse often ends up blaming the other. This can lead to guilt and resentment, and ultimately, a lack of communication and intimacy. It’s not so much the financial issue on its own that leads to the divorce, but all of the things that happen because of the financial problem. Of course, this doesn’t mean that working yourself to death to make good money necessarily saves a marriage, because…

3. Work Commitments

Did you know that salespeople, optometrists, podiatrists, nuclear engineers, and agriculture engineers all have something in common? Unfortunately, that thing is that people working within this professions are more likely to get divorced than those in other fields. These jobs all require a high level of commitment — and while the people working these jobs may make a good amount of money, that isn’t going to erase their lack of presence in a marriage. Marriage means finding a balance, and that isn’t possible in every field.

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