Three Things You Need to Know About Worker’s Rights

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It seems as though ever since time began, the owners have been trying in almost every way imaginable to get the workers to do their jobs for less and less compensation. In the early to mid-Twentieth Century, workers organized to demand fair pay and to stop the civil rights violations that were running rampant in the American workplace.

It is a new century now and despite all that has gone on to improve the conditions of the working population, there are still a number of civil rights violations, discriminations, and workers rights violations that have to continually be addressed and looked into.

While not every business owner is corrupt (far from it, actually) we as a society must keep informed of the laws and spread that information around so that everyone is informed of their rights and what they can expect on the job, whatever that job might be. Here are three things regarding worker’s rights that everyone should be aware of.

1.) Business owners are not paying as much as they want you to think they are.

In 2015, ProPublica put out a report showing that business owners, despite complaining to the contrary, were actually paying the lowest rates for worker’s compensation insurance in the last 25 years. This was also happening while health care costs were rising throughout the country. That means that if you are injured in an accident, you are going to end up paying more out of your pocket and the business owners will be paying less.

2.) Wrongful termination cases are continuing to be filed in great numbers.

There were 90,000 workplace discrimination and termination charges filed in 2015, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Of these 90,000 charges filed, there were four categories that were most common. They were: wrongful termination due to retaliation (44.5%); discrimination due to race (34.7%); firing due to disability (30.2%); due to gender (29.5%); and wrongful termination due to age (22.5%).

3.) Wage theft is still a real thing

With technology being what it is today, it might be difficult to believe that wage theft can still happen; but it does. Not only does it occur, it s happening to the poorest among us. Minimum wage workers who are suffering minimum wage violations are being underpaid by as much as $64 per week. While that might not seem like too much, consider how much minimum wage workers are actually supposed to be paid. That $64 per week is a great deal of money to those workers.

While working conditions are better in the United States than they once were, we still must be vigilant against civil rights violations, wage theft, and worker’s compensation violations every day.

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