What Do Business Lawyers Do?

Business attorneys are the rock stars of the legal profession.

Okay, they don’t often get to shout “objection!” in a courtroom or put bad guys behind bars like television lawyers. But behind the scenes, business lawyers have some of the best jobs, command the highest salaries, and oversee huge responsibilities. When major corporations need legal advice – advice that could make or lose them millions of dollars – they turn to business attorneys.

Business attorneys are masters of business law and strategy. They understand aba business law and the legal frameworks that companies work within, and they can provide advice on how to pay less in taxes and fees, and how to make more money by taking advantage of legal structures. They offer managed state compliance with government regulations, to ensure that the company does everything by the books. Business attorneys are also on call during high-stakes mergers and acquisitions, where entire companies are at stake.

They sometimes blend into the background, especially when they are doing their jobs well, but business attorneys are an essential part of the corporate ecosystem. They allow CEOs to answer “yes” when asked, “Are you compliant?” and their legal advice can be the difference between success and failure in the market.

Updated 9/29/2021

There are many different types of law. Lawyers for business specialize in business law. They study corporate law in law school, filling their schedule with business and law courses. Within this field, they might specialize even more into different types of businesses. For example, some law students might take commercial law courses. They then focus all of their efforts on learning about business law instead of things like personal injury or criminal law.

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Business lawyers are likely to work with businesses and corporations, making sure that they stay within the law. They also help to protect the business when outside forces might be trying to impact it. Hiring a business lawyer might be expensive, but for many companies it is worth the cost. Business law help can untangle some of the problems businesses face, and with a professional, they know that they’re getting accurate information. Business lawyers also have experience, which can help new business owners who might be overwhelmed in certain legal situations. Business lawyers can take their training and experience to help businesses succeed.

Learn more about the day in the life of a business lawyer below.

Did you know that there are an estimated 1,225,452 licensed attorneys in the United States? These professionals each specialize in a particular area or branch of the law, such as estate planning for example. One specific type of litigation attorney that plays an important role in our country is a business lawyer.

Business lawyers, also sometimes referred to as business attorneys, are lawyers who assist business entities with legal issues and proceedings. These business entities range in many different sizes, from corporations, to LLCs, to not-for-profits, to associations, to joint ventures, to organizations. Business lawyers don’t solely represent business entities either–they also represent individuals who act in a business capacity.

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In this branch of law, business lawyers deal with several different areas that impact business operations, including: contracts, Securities Law, Antitrust laws, Commercial Paper, Pensions and Benefits, Immigration Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Secured Transactions, Income Tax, Trusts and Estates, Labor Law and Bankruptcy.

For any person wanting to start a company, or ensure that their business is complying with any and all Federal, state and industry laws, business lawyers are the professionals to seek out. They help ensure that all regulations are met, while providing the legal expertise necessary to avoid future legal disputes that could result in litigation. Not only that, but business lawyers will also help to negotiate business terms, contracts, leases, and handle any other transactions on behalf of their clients, which helps businesses improve their efficiency and their profitability.

If considering whether or not to hire a business lawyer, know that the risk of not hiring one can cost more than their already quite affordable fees. The potential court cases could result in massive losses that very well could wind up bankrupting the company. It’s always best to avoid these by having the strong legal counseling of business attorneys on your side.

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