What You Need to Know About Lead Exposure and Poisoning

Lead renovator training

Lead is a dangerous, toxic substance that can pose a serious threat to your family and loved ones. Here is everything you need to know about lead exposure, lead poisoning, and prevention.

How to minimize lead exposure within your home

This is especially important if you have a home that was built before the 1970s. Here are some ways you can prevent your family members from getting in contact with lead in your home.

1. Be cautious of chipped paint. Do not allow your children to be near any areas with chipped paint as they can accidentally ingest them. Some areas to look out for include porches, window and door frames, and ceilings.

2. Lead comes in dust form as well. In order to minimize the risk of your child ingesting it, make sure to wash their hands before any meal, wash their toys regularly, and keep their belongings in a secure place.

3. Wash painted areas frequently. This includes the walls, windowsills, and floors.

4. Test the lead levels in your house.

How to minimize lead exposure within your company

If you own a company that puts workers at risk for lead contamination, it is important to invest in their protection and enroll them in lead certification courses. Why?

1. Lead certification courses are led by EPA lead certified professionals and will teach your employees how to properly inspect for lead through lead inspector certification classes.

2. They will learn how to comply with different EPA standards.

3. If they are already trained, they are able to receive a refresher certification.

4. The classes are flexible, and your employees will be able to train for their EPA lead certification online.

What are some symptoms of lead poisoning?

Lead contamination can have a variety of symptoms including:

Pain in joints or abdomen

Constipation, nausea, vomiting


Loss of appetite, lack of normal eating habits



Headache and/or memory loss

If you think someone you know is affected by lead poisoning, make sure to get them medical attention right away. Doctors typically use a blood test to confirm their diagnosis, and will suggest medicine and other treatment options. If the lead poisoning goes untreated for a long time, the result could be fatal so make sure to be extremely vigilant, not only for yourself but for others! Read more about this topic at this link.

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