When Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney

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Unfortunately, most people will end up in an assisted living facility in their later years. Due to a variety of reasons, living alone becomes impractical. Elder law attorneys help elderly individuals figure out how to pay for their long-term care in a nursing home or other environment.

Medicare, the medical entitlement program citizens qualify for at the age of 60, is insufficient to handle all of the things an individual may need long-term. They will only cover the first 100 days of care in a long-term treatment facility. You need other ways of financing long-term care.

Most people end up paying for their long-term care with cash, but it can be extremely costly and end up using up someone’s life savings. Most people do not have six figures that they can throw around for years on end. That’s where an elder law attorney comes in.

Elder law attorneys can help you qualify for insurance that will cover your long-term care in the form of Medicaid. It’s a long process that requires attention to detail and patience, which is why an elder law attorney is so helpful.

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