When Should I Call a Disability Attorney?

When you’ve been injured in a way leading to disability, you’ll need to call a disability attorney. Most people think you should only call a disability attorney when you are filing a lawsuit, but there are actually four different scenarios in which you should call a disability attorney. Keep reading to find out when to call a disability attorney.

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Applying for benefits: Your application sets the groundwork for your case and tells the story of your disability to the insurance company. If this is done improperly they will use it against you all the way through litigation so you should always call a disability attorney when applying for benefits.

Ongoing claim handling: There is no such thing as guaranteed disability benefits. These benefits can be denied at any moment if the insurance company decides you’re no longer eligible. This re-approval process happens once a month and can be taken care of by a disability attorney.

Appeal process: When a claim has been denied and you need to file an appeal, it is the last opportunity to present all the information to the insurance company to prove their initial decision was wrong. This appeal goes to a new department and new doctors look at it.

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