When to Contact an Employment Lawyer

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Employment law consists of the range of laws that govern every stage and aspect of employment. Although most individuals in the workforce are never forced to take legal action against an employer, the fact remains that some are compelled to do so for a variety of reasons. If you are ever in a circumstance where you are treated poorly or unfairly, the best way to protect yourself is to know your rights. In the event that a labor law is violated to your detriment, an employment law firm should be your first call. Here are a few times when you should contact one of your local employment lawyers.

  1. You are asked to sign a contract you do not understand: There are many types of contracts that could be detrimental for you to sign if you do not know what it really says. An employer or potential employer that asks you to sign a non-compete, confidentiality or any other type of contract should want you to understand what you are signing.
  2. In the event of retaliation for a complaint: If you filed a complaint about discrimination or an illegal act made by your employer, they are not allowed to create a hostile work environment for you or engage in any retaliatory behavior. If you find yourself wondering ?when should I consider an employment law firm?, it is probably already time to do so on this issue.
  3. You have not been paid the amount you earned: There is no excuse for this. If you have attempted to address the issue through the proper channels and still have not been paid, consult a professional from one of the many reputable employment law firms in the country.
  4. You have been wrongfully classified as an independent contractor: This issue currently has many employment law firms busy already. A worker that has been classified as an independent contractor falsely loses the benefits of overtime pay, benefits, and unemployment pay if they are terminated. If you believe your company has done this, contact an attorney.

These reasons should provide a good understanding of the appropriate time to contact an employment lawyer. If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, do not wait, call an employment law firm today.

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