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Different Types of Legal Videos

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Legal videos

The evidence that is presented in a civil or criminal trial can really make or break a case. When it is impossible to present physical evidence in a trial, legal videos may be able to help. Legal videos can take jurors or judges into places that they may not be able to access during the trial.

There are several different types of legal videos that can be helpful to making or breaking a case. The first type of legal video is a video interview. Occasionally circumstances may prevent a witness from being present in court. Legal videos may be able to provide the court with taped testimony from the witness.

Laws and rules against taped testimony may vary from state to state. It is essential to check with a lawyer to see if this type of legal video may be allowed in your case.

Another type of legal video is a tour. Sometimes juries are unable to physically visit the scene of a crime or an area that is in dispute. Legal videos can be recorded to take jurors and judges on a tour of the scene of the crime. These types of legal videos are essential as they can place jurors and judges right where the crime or incident happened, which can help them make informed decisions.

The last type of legal video is video taped evidence. Occasionally, evidence might be time sensitive. For example, if a home is flooded or there is water damage. Legal videos can be recorded to show people the damage that has been sustained during the incident. This is often better than just going in and giving photographic evidence or verbal testimony.

Just remember, the rules and laws regarding legal videos will vary. If you wish to use it as part of your trial, seek the advice of an attorney as they can help you through the legal process in regards to legal videos.

The Enos Law Firm, P.C. in Webster Texas

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The Enos Law Firm, P.C.

17207 Feather Craft Lane

Webster, Texas 77598


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The Enos Law Firm, P.C. helps families in and around Houston, Texas and Galveston, Texas through divorce, child custody, adoptions and other family matters.

Attorney Greg Enos, has 27+ years of legal experience and is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

The Enos Law Firm handles divorce, adoption and child custody cases in Harris County (Houston) and Galveston County, Texas. Greg Enos has been through his own divorce and child custody battle (he won) and understands what his clients are going through. Enos is very involved in local politics and charities and he is a former Bar Association President. Enos speaks at legal seminars on family law educating attorneys and judges and he publishes legal directories and a legal newspaper that are widely used and read by Houston area attorneys and courts. Enos is a respected leader of the legal profession working to improve family courts.

Areas of expertise include:

Contested Divorce Cases
Uncontested Divorce Cases
Divorces for Medical and Dental Professionals and Business Owners
Property and Debt Division
Child Custody Disputes and Modifications
Grandparents Seeking Visitation or Custody
Interstate Custody Cases
International Custody Cases
Premarital Agreements and Post-marital Agreements

To arrange your initial consultation with the Family Law attorneys of The Enos Law Firm, P.C.
Call Today 281-333-3030 or toll free 1-888-693-4400

Scott Law Firm, LPA in Columbus Ohio

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Scott Law Firm, LPA

35 E. Livingston Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43215

(614) 221-9790

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At Scott Law Firm, LPA, our Criminal Defense Attorneys have provided strategic, competent, and aggressive advice to protect the rights and interests of our clients for over 20 years. Our firm has built a solid reputation in the area and throughout the state with providing a top-notch defense for our clients. We handle all types of criminal cases, from DUI OVI Drunk Driving, Sex Crimes, Drug Crime Charges, the most serious felonies to misdemeanor and traffic offenses in or around the area.

Two Groups Of People More Likely To Watch Legal Videos

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Legal video

Understanding the complex legal system can be troublesome for some. This is all too common for students who are in law school themselves and who are studying for tests and the bar exam, but it occurs too with professionals who have been practicing law for years. Some laws still trip people up, some methods still confuse even the most professional and experienced of lawyers, and some procedures are nearly impossible for legal professionals to remember each and every time. Fortunately, legal videos often come to the rescue.

With a legal video, anyone at all could access information on these procedures, these laws and these procedures. However, most of the people who use them are either in law school or are out in the field, practicing law professionally. Why these two groups continue to be the most prevalent among all of the types of people who will watch legal videos is not really explained, nor is it necessary to know. What is important to note is that these people finally can start to understand these concepts, these procedures, and these laws better when they view legal videos.

It remains a mystery to some why legal videos are the main way to go for these people, but a guess could be that lots of people learn in many different ways, and that learning by viewing is a very easy way to learn. Most people will retain knowledge of something they have watched in action or that was explained to them verbally versus what they read in a book or saw in a drawing. With legal videos, then, there is more of a visual remembering of this information. It is kind of like putting a face to a name and finally having everything click.

Lots of people do like to learn through viewing, and this could truly be why these legal videos are gaining the sheer amount of hits they are gaining. With each passing day, more people are discovering that these legal videos exist and that they actually do more for helping folks to retain this information than most other methods. Of course, some people will still learn by reading and rewriting notes, which is perfectly fine for them. But for the rest of the world, which relies mostly upon watching something and then learning through that experience, these awesomely crafted legal videos exist. And lots of lawyers and students have the publishers of these videos to thank for that.

J. Miller and Associates, PLLC in Concord NH

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J. Miller and Associates, PLLC

210 N. State Street

Concord, NH 03301

(603) 223-6613

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Business Formation and Representation, Civil Disputes, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Contracts, Representation, Administrative Actions Personal Injury, Estate Planning services in New Hampshire

AREAS SERVED: All of NH, clients come to their location.

HOURS: 9-5pm daily (24 hour emergency service available)

In House Videographer or Legal Video Services?

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Legal video

Legal video depositions are being done more and more now. Lawyers who want to use legal video deposition will have to invest in video equipment and learn how to use it properly. If you already have someone on your staff that knows how to use video equipment properly this should be no problem. However, another option is to hire a videographer to handle or manage your legal video depositions today. The last thing an attorney needs to do is struggle with learning how to use new video equipment. A full time videographer is often the best choice, but if using a part time videographer service is better for you, then do not hesitate to use this option for legal videos today. Not everyone can do good legal videos.

The best thing about having a full time videographer on your staff is the fact that there will always be someone there to take the video depositions that you need. This frees you up to pay more attention to your client’s case. Your full time videographer will also know exactly how you want your legal videos done all the time. This provides consistency and when the videos are done in house, you have access to them right away. but this really is an added business expense that may not be necessary. If you outsource your legal video needs you have to wait for the copy to be delivered, but it only takes a few days. Getting your legal videos edited is easier done when done by a professional videographer too. Usually very busy attorney offices use in house videographers for their legal videos.

When a legal office just has sporadic need for video deposition, it makes more sense to hire a legal video service. A legal video service provides all the video equipment too. The attorney will not have to pay an added expense to purchase video recording equipment for legal video depositions. For most attorneys, it makes more sense to use a legal video service rather than going to the expense of hiring a videographer and paying them a monthly salary with all the other expenses involved in hiring employees. Find out more about outsourcing your video tapped depositions by calling a legal video service today.

Tampa Florida Hot Spot For Immigration Lawyers

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Immigration attorney tampa

Florida is located in the south eastern corner of the United States. Due to its location near the southern border of the country, in Tampa immigration lawyers are plentiful. For anyone who is in need of an immigration lawyer Tampa Florida has many qualified and experienced choices.

Tampa immigration attorneys can represent individual clients, or entire families. There are many reasons for calling an immigration lawyer Tampa residents and visitors could have. Almost every immigration attorney tampa fl has can help with visas and green cards. Some specialize in employment laws surrounding immigrants and others might concentrate on personal or family matters.