4 Types of Divorce Proceedings That Occur

Divorce advice

Going through a divorce is sometimes a natural part of life. If you’ve been recently dealing with this issue, you’ll want to know that you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, a recent study conducted by Bowling Green University found that divorce rates among married couples have doubled in the past two decades. It’s understandable to need divorce advice without having to talk to those close to you about this matter. Considering that, it helps to begin learning about a divorce by learning about the various types of divorces. With that in mind, here are four commonly filed divorce situations.

  • Summary Divorce

    This divorce is something that not every couple will be able to have performed. In many cases, this type of divorce is for couples that either hasn’t been married for a long amount of time, don’t share property, have no children, or all of the above. If a couple meets the criteria, a lawyer isn’t really needed in most summary divorce cases. Most summary divorces are granted after a couple signs a document together within a local courthouse.
  • Contested Divorce

    Couples that stay married together longer often end up obtaining items together. In addition, couples staying married longer than others often have children of their own. Considering that, there are likely going to be situations in which both parties involved in a marriage want items or are seeking certain custody terms. If these events are happening, you’re dealing with what is known as a contested divorce. If agreements are unable to be reached, both parties will likely have to have a trial in a courtroom.
  • Uncontested Divorce

    Statistics show that the average length of divorce proceedings throughout America is about 12 months. If at all possible, an uncontested divorce is often the best and least stressful option for former couples. This type of divorce involves both parties working together in order to reduce the stress that a divorce can sometimes cause. That being said, it’s still wise to ensure you have an uncontested divorce attorney on your side. While these proceedings tend to go smoothly, there still could be an instance in which you and the other party are unable to agree on something. It’s often difficult for two parties to come to an agreement regarding what happens to their children after the divorce is over. Therefore, it’s common to have attorneys involved during an uncontested divorce with children involved.
  • Collaborative Divorce

    This type of divorce is rarely seen but still happens. In a collaborative divorce, both parties work together in a similar manner seen with an uncontested divorce. The main difference between these types of proceedings is that lawyers from both sides cooperate together in order have a final resolution that everyone is satisfied with. That being said, this process still often happens with the similar but more popular uncontested divorce.

To summarize, many couples will find themselves dealing with a divorce. It’s important to realize that, in some cases, a divorce is the best possible for couples that are no longer compatible. In fact, the divorce rate for first marriages throughout the United States is at nearly 41%. Considering that, there are several types of divorce proceeding options to consider. If you’re unsure of how to move forward in regards to your own divorce, it’s wise to contact a divorce attorney.

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