Are You Looking for Help Navigating a Difficult Family Law Situation?

Life is never easy, and sometimes it is down right complicated. Your niece and her husband are just one example of how the most challenging of situations can come about. Pregnant long before her parents even met the local man from a nearby town, the relationship began with some strange dynamics. The couple decided to buy a house and move in together, even though they were not married. Less than two years later, the couple was pregnant again. This time intentionally. One year after their second son was born, the couple planned their wedding. And while they were not necessarily following the traditional route, it appeared that the family was doing well.

Half way into the wedding plans, however, there was another unexpected turn. On a night out on the town, the soon to be husband of your niece said he was trying to be responsible when he walked, instead of drove, to the downtown bar. ON his walk home, though, another woman in town offered a ride home. Accepting, and letting one thing lead to another, the soon to be groom slept with this other woman. When your niece found out about the major indiscretion she was obviously devastated. But if you are to believe your sister and brother-in-law, the parents of your niece, the guilty party felt even worse. He was racked with quilt and fearful that he had derailed the plans the couple had in place. With a long list of conditions, which included changing the location of the wedding to a more distant spot in a much larger city, the couple was able to work out their problems and ended up moving forward with their ceremony. Fast forward six months and that one night stand produced a baby girl.

Paternity tests confirmed that your husband’s niece’s new husband was indeed the father and the process of an interesting child custody situation developed. In what seemed like a very unselfish gesture, your niece insisted that the new couple have at least partial visitation rights and by the time the baby was just two months old, the little girl was spending every other weekend with her second family. The mother of the little girl has three other children by two other fathers and she knew her way around the process of custody agreements, but your niece and her new husband found a good law firm and was able to get the results that they wanted.

Child Custody Lawyers Help Some Families Negotiate Very Challenging Situations

No matter what kind of family dynamics you have, divorce proceedings, child custody discussions, an alimony negotiations can be complicated. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced law firm that can help you understand the options that are available. Every situation is different, so working with a cookie cutter law firm that does not take the time to understand a family’s individual situation is never in your best interest. And while this kind of firm may be less expensive, it is in your best interest to work with a law firm with attorneys who approach their family law cases with compassion.

Whether you are married for the first time, in a fourth marriage, or seeing custody of your young children, it is always important to work with an experienced attorney who can help you understand the best options that are available. Divorce is not uncommon and at any given moment you likely have at least one or two family members or friends who are dealing with the repercussions of a divorce or child custody decision. In fact, the latest research indicates that as many as 40% to 50% of married couples in the U.S. divorce. The fact that you are not alone, however, does not mean that you can simply rely on the advice of family, neighbors, and friends. It is important to get your own legal representative so that you have someone looking out for your best interest. Louisiana may have the fourth highest divorce rate in the U.S., with 20.8 out of 1000 married people divorced in 2016, but no matter where you live you should seek help from a local attorney.