Do You Need Group Legal Insurance?


Legal insurance is like medical insurance: you don’t think about it a lot but when you need it, you’re really, really glad it’s there. Legal plans for individuals offer protection if – or more likely, when – you need legal help. Prepaid legal insurance will come through with legal fees when they’re needed, without any deductibles or co-pays.

Who might need legal services? Just about anyone

So you’re just a regular person with a job, a house, a family, perhaps your own business. You don’t need legal help, right? Wrong. All kinds of unforeseen life events like divorce, bankruptcy, DUI or felony charges can leave you struggling to find money to pay legal fees. Whatever the reason, it pays to be prepared. Just about anyone can need legal services when life throws you a curveball.

You may need legal advice because of positive changes in your life, such as buying a house. According to a study, 2014 was the second-best year ever for home sales in Texas. You will need legal advice every step of the way.

Or you may want to prepare a will, or set up a trust fund for your grandchild. There are 5.2 million baby boomers in Texas, on the brink of retirement and moving on to the next stage of their lives. If you’re one of them, you will need help and advice with retirement planning and advice.

Legal insurance offers you protection

When you get group legal insurance, your legal bills are no longer your problem. In addition, you gain access to a statewide network of qualified attorneys and can be sure of finding one whose practice area matches your needs.

A Harris Poll found that 49% of those surveyed were very to somewhat likely to look for help on websites that offer legal advice. Finding legal advice online is not the safest course and legal insurance gives you access to a legal hotline staffed by attorneys who can provide quick advice.

Legal insurance is available for groups and individuals. With so many advantages, it make sense to sign up today.

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