Facts About Law Firms Every Commercial Contractor Should Know

Construction law firm

If you’re in construction or considering becoming your own contractor, there are some good reasons to consider making sure you’ve got advice from a good commercial real estate law firm as you hire, fire, and take on projects.

In 2015, for example, there were 551 construction industry cases adjudicated by the American Arbitration Association: and those were just the cases with claims over $500,000. The largest construction case was for $2.6 billion.

The AAA recommends arbitration for the construction industry, as this form of conflict-management takes a lot less time and money than taking cases to court. And while you might generally think of an employment law firm in conjunction with actually entering a courtroom, they are also very valuable in keeping that from ever happening.

A commercial real estate law firm is what you need to successfully navigate the arbitration process, allowing you to concentrate on moving ahead with your business. They will keep up with the other side, know what to say in the arbitration, and have the knowledge to keep you apprised of all your options.

What might you be taken to court or to arbitration for? Well, between April of 2006 and January of 2011, more than 40% of the construction industry workforce was laid off. There’s also the growing issue of drones replacing humans to do certain tasks in construction. 3-D Robotics makes drones that do a more accurate job of certain construction tasks than humans can do.

Unfortunately, laid off employees may resort to employment law and a litigation attorney. That’s when you’ll need the advice of a good commercial real estate law firm.

Then there’s the issue of mid-contract disputes. What do you do when the real estate or home owner wants you to do something outside the contract, disputes your work, or has changed their mind about the time frame?

If you’re unable to resolve the dispute yourself, or if the owner keeps coming up with issues outside the contract, just having a construction lawyer speak with them in a friendly but clear manner can put a stop to it. And if if doesn’t, of course, your commercial real estate law firm is there to protect you and your interests.

It’s also helpful to have a consultation with a construction attorney just to make sure you’re aware of all the local regulations you’ll need to comply with, and to keep on top of any law changes as they happen. Nothing is less fun than being blindsided by a new municipal regulation at the last minute.

Having the right law firm on your side can bring peace of mind, as well as save money and tremendous angst in the long run.

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