Personal Injury Due to a Car Accident

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Auto accident

Auto accidents happen every single day in the United States. Nobody gets into their car to head to work for the day and thinks, “I believe I’ll be injured in a car accident today.” They happen so suddenly, taking lives and causing catastrophic injuries that can have a major effect on your life. Today we will look at some of the statistics regarding accidents involving vehicles, and what you should do moving forward with your case.

The Likelihood of a Car Accident Personal Injury

Car accidents are happening at phenomenal rates, involving a wide variety of other vehicles, such as commercial trucks and motorcycle accidents. Did you know that 52% of personal injury cases relate to motor vehicle accidents? But what causes most of these injury-causing or even deadly accidents? Every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash, making it one of the leading causes of negligent accidents across the country. Each day, over 300,000 people get into their vehicle even though they are intoxicated, with fewer than 4,000 being caught and arrested for their negligent and reckless actions. With approximately 6 million car accidents happening in the U.S. every single year, this has quickly become one of the leading causes.

Another major cause of these accidents is distracted driving. There is a wide variety of reasons why these accidents occur every year, from talking on a cell phone when you’re supposed to be focused on the road, to fiddling with the radio or trying to eat while driving. In all of 2015, distracted driving claimed the lives of 3,477 lives. Truck drivers are also the cause of some distracted driving accidents, spending long hours on the road and trying to stay focused even though they are tired. This is why certain regulations have been put in place to stop these accidents in their tracks, but this doesn’t always mean that companies will abide.

When you have received a personal injury stemming from a motor vehicle accident, you may wonder how to move forward. After you have collected necessary information regarding your case, from photographs of the accident scene to the information of the drivers involved, you should always ensure that you have received medical treatment before you call an accident attorney about your case. A variety of attorneys will be able to help you through this difficult time in your life.