Nursing Home Neglect and Medical Malpractice Cost Families Dearly

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Sometimes life is really unfair. If you are in need of a nursing home neglect attorney, it’s safe to say that you deserve a break. It takes a lot to trust strangers to care for your loved one, and when that trust gets betrayed, it’s a crushing feeling. It is especially horrible since it affects the quality of living for the person you care so much about.

The best way to notice signs of neglect when you visit your loved one is by asking them. If they say they are often ignored, go without meals, and complain about physical injuries, there is a reason to suspect neglect. Also, if your loved one is showing signs of hygiene degradation, the nurses might not be attending to some of their most immediate needs. If your loved one is unable to communicate with you, or unwilling, observe their overall appearance. This should give you a fairly decent understanding of how they’re doing.

Nursing home neglect is an unfortunate fact of life, and sometimes it’s not even clear who’s fault it is. There are many staff members that work at a nursing home, and it’s hard to hold any one person directly accountable. Sometimes neglect is the result of an understaffed facility, and other times it could be the mistake of a particular worker. It might not be ideal, but if you want restitution for the way they treated your parent or loved one, legal action is the only real way forward.

On a similar note, the Journal of the Medical Association reports roughly 225,000 people per year die as a result of medical malpractice. Those charged with a duty of care should not be reckless or neglectful and must face the consequences of their actions. If you suspect foul play, you might need a medical malpractice attorney and a personal injury attorney to help you sort out fact from fiction.

If you or someone you’ve known has had a loved one in either a nursing home or a hospital fall victim to negligence, let them know how angry you are. Caring for our families should be of the utmost importance, but negligent caregivers don’t even give care. Turn to attorneys at law for help.

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