How Glitter Closed Indias Largest Scam Centers

Scam centers are large and complex criminal operations. They generally involve several levels of structure and a network of individuals all working together to scam you and I out of our precious money. These organizations are especially hard to take down because of closely intertwined they are with the authorities. Even so, one man set out on a journey to take them down. If he is successful, they will shut down and maybe even need bail bonds when it is all over. Check out this video to see what happens.

Video Source

Mark Rober is the engineer behind the glitter bomb that caught the internet by storm. This glitter bomb is a package designed to prank porch pirates. However, now he plans on using it on scam centers. In the video, he mails it to the scam center where they open the package. To their surprise, glitter and fart spray goes everywhere. The scramble to dispose of the package with panicked looks on their faces. They were even more panicked when they realized that Mark Rober and his friends had infiltrated their group chat and discovered the identities of 50,000 scammers. This caused a ripple effect where all the major scam centers in India shut down for several days thanks to a single glitter bomb. This kept millions of dollars safe from scammers.