What Will My Settlement Be for My Personal Injury?

When you have had a personal injury and have sued an entity for your injury, there are many ways that your injury lawyer will calculate how much to ask for. These also have an effect on what your eventual settlement is. When you have had pain as a result of your injury, this is worth an amount based on how that pain has affected you.

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Pain settlements are sometimes called general damage.

Getting your settlement takes your pain into account, but there are other factors as well. Emotional distress is often considered part of the pain equation. If you have physical limitations after your injury, this is also worth an amount. This is usually considered a type of pain for legal purposes. There is no set amount for the pain of different kinds, and juries generally try to deliver an amount that is fair and reasonable.

Another way to determine the amount is to figure out the actual cost of the injuries and multiply that amount to determine the amount for pain. By how many times this is multiplied is up to the jury and the facts in the case. With a good jury and careful deliberation, the amount should be a reasonable one.