How important is it to write a will?

Writing a will is something that is considered to be a dark subject but it doesn’t have to be. Almost 30% of people who don’t have a written will have said it was because they didn’t have enough assets to leave anyone, everything is considered an asset at the time of death so don’t think you haven’t got enough. It is not just old people or sick people that need to consider writing a will, everyone should have a will and there are many reasons why. If there is no written word stating how you want things to be separated at the time of your death you could end up having people fight over things in court or have many things thrown away that you wanted given to certain people, asset distribution is a very important step that a wills attorney can guide you through. These are some thing to consider when writing your will.

Do you have children? Are your children old enough to live on their own or are they small children who need a caregiver? If you’re a parent you need to think about who is going to care for you’re children if you happen to pass away. This is one of the hardest things to consider but it will make everything easier on the kids involved if you setup a designated caregiver so there is no custody battles that would cause the children more harm then good. It’s always good to ask the person you’re thinking of assigning ahead of time because this would be a major life changing decision and you would hate for your children to become someones burden. Not only will the caregiver have resentment but the kids would feel forced into it as well and they deserve nothing more then loving care.

What will you do with all of your possessions? You will need to decide all of your designated beneficiaries for everything you own no matter how big or small. If you have lots of property and finances consider who could use them to make their lives better and if you have family members that are struggling with addiction it might be worth it to assign a temporary holding beneficiary until they have gotten themselves back on track, this is why writing wills is so very important it gives you time and options to think of your family in times of need. If you have very little to your name it is always good to assign these items as well even if its only for sentimental value. You may have a family member that loved your costume jewelry every time they had seen you even though it is inexpensive it holds many memories for that individual. If you have no family to assign beneficiaries you can donate everything to your favorite charity as well, helping others might be all you have left in the world. Asset distribution can be a long process so take your time making these decisions.

After assigning asset distribution consider how you want to be remembered by friends, family, and the world. You can choose a large burial plot at the local cemetery or be cremated and have your ashes released into a favorite vacation place. This could also be another asset distribution to consider as well if you want a family member to keep your ashes forever inside of an urn. Take the stress off your family and plan ahead, it will be worth it in the end.