Taking A Look At Divorce In The United States

Getting married is a rite of passage for many people, as up to ninety percent of people are married by middle age (the age of fifty) in the United States and across other western countries as well, though this is not necessarily the standard for all places all throughout the world. The day of the wedding is often one of the most joyous days for the couple, and many marriages are built on mutual love and respect. In many cases, the marriage lasts and fosters love and personal growth for many years to come.

Unfortunately, however, many marriages in the United States end in divorce as well, something that just about any divorce lawyer can attest to. It’s estimated that about half of all marriages end, though the risk factor for the marriage ending will vary from couple to couple and from situation to situation. For instance, the number marriage it is can have a huge impact on the final outcome of the union.

First marriages have about a forty two percent chance of ending, but second marriages jump to having a greater than sixty percent chance of ending. And for couples who are both married for the third time, the marriage is more than seventy percent likely to end in a divorce. There are also even more risk factors for marriages and ultimately divorces as well, from smoking to intensive jobs to raising children to cheating, abuse, and even just a simple lack of communication.

But no matter what the cause of the end of the marriage, there is certainly no doubt about it that divorce is quite prevalent in our society as we all know it. Divorcing can be hard, as it is a process that usually takes up to a year to complete. In some cases, a divorce and its proceedings can easily become contentious, particularly if one party of the couple wants to divorce but the other is resistant to the idea. Overall, having skilled divorce lawyers present can help to mitigate the circumstances as much as is possible, helping the proceedings of the divorce to go as smoothly as they can possibly go until the divorce is ultimately finalized.

However, the divorce proceedings are likely to become more complicated if children are involved. As the typical adoption lawyer will know, children are often a huge priority in any given relationship, both in the build up to their birth as well as, of course, after they are born. For those who were unable to conceive naturally, a team of adoption lawyers often helps them to navigate the sometimes murky waters of the world of adoption with as much ease as is possible. And the typical adoption lawyers have become more in demand than ever before, as up to one family out of every twenty five families will choose to adopt with the help of a team of adoption lawyers – or even without the help and guidance of a team of adoption lawyers – here in the United States alone.

And as any adoption lawyer can tell you, once the adoption papers are finalized, that child is as much yours as any biological child would be, something that the adoption lawyers in question will make sure of during the adoption proceedings. This means that the custody arrangements for any adopted child will take place in the same way that the custody arrangements for a biological child would occur in the face of divorcing parents.

Child custody, whether the children are biological or adopted, can be difficult to deal with making arrangements for. After all, both parents were likely able to see their children every single day before the separation and divorce occurred, and it is certainly normal for it to be difficult to adjust to just about any other type of schedule. However, the adoption lawyers and child support lawyers in question can help to mitigate and moderate the tension felt in these child custody proceedings and can effectively keep the case from needing to be determined by a court of law, something that is likely beneficial for all parties involved, from both parents to the child or children that are in question.