How to Defend Yourself After a Car Accident


Automobiles and other personal transportation devices are major parts in most of our lives. Our cars get us to work, school, the store, the doctor’s, and just about anywhere else we need to go. While our transportation systems are a great benefit and necessity to a modern society, they also pose a threat. Unfortunately, with so many people on the road, there are bound to be accidents. This is where personal injury lawyers and auto accident lawyers come into play.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury attorneys specialize in the area of the law dealing with physical and/or psychological harm. Victims of abuse or negligence should seek a personal injury lawyer. The job of this type of lawyer is to represent these people who feel they’ve been injured by another party, whether intentional or unintentional. To be more specific, personal injury attorneys must be knowledgable in tort law, which deals with civil wrongs. It is this broader view of personal injury that doesn’t limit these cases to merely physical injury, but rather many kinds of civil wrongdoing.

What do Auto Accident Lawyers Do?

Auto accident lawyers deal with personal injury having to do specifically with auto accidents. While many of these cases deal with one car hitting another, auto accident lawyers can also handle cases where a pedestrian or bike rider was struck by a car. Really, any injury done to another party by any type of automobile is fair game for an auto accident lawyer. And with over six million car accidents occurring annually in the U.S. according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these lawyers have an important job to do.

Auto accident lawyers represent their clients who feel they’ve been injured and/or wronged in an automobile accident. For instance, if one car hits another, and the client suspects the other party was texting while driving, their lawyer will help defend this case or find another way to defend their client. These lawyers will also look into whether or not alcohol or some other distracting force was involved in the accident. On the other hand, if the client is at fault for the accident, their lawyer’s job is to reduce their punishment or settlement as much as possible.

If the client is not to blame and has been severely injured (i.e. hospitalized), part of their lawyer’s job will be to seek a settlement from the party at fault in order to pay the victim’s medical expenses, and compensate for pain and suffering, etc. Car accidents are responsible for more than three million injuries every year, meaning settlements like these are pretty common. After winning the case the attorney will also receive some of this settlement as a result of doing their job well.

Should You Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

For minor accidents with little to no damage, the matter is probably best settled between the two involved parties and their insurance companies. However, for more severe accidents, especially those involving distractions like cell phones or alcohol, or sheer negligence, it’s a good idea to at least contact a local auto accident lawyer.

You can search online for auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys in your area. Additionally, you can find reviews and rates of specific law firms and lawyers to get a head start on finding the right lawyer for your case. It’s always wise to do your research in order to achieve the best outcome for the best price.

Accidents do happen, especially on the road. While no one wants to be involved in one of these situations, one can at least rest assured that there are professionals able to handle any kind of case involving automobile accidents and injuries.

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