A Brief Overview of Child Support in the United States

Divorce may not seem like a good option in regards to the impact it has on children, but sometimes it’s necessary and can provide a better living situation for kids. Some couples may have an amicable agreement on how to go about co-parenting in their separate worlds after divorce. In cases where some parents disagree, a decision must be made regarding visitation rights, custody, and child support.

How do I go about my child support application? Where can I get the district attorney child support division? The internet age has brought ease in access to services. Through online portals and platforms, couples can acquire a child support program lawyer.

There is a need to get a child custody lawyer. Such a qualified professional understands the child support facts needed in your case. It is advisable to seek assistance from the internet as it is fast and reliable.

On the online child support program sites, you acquire guidelines on your child support application. On the platforms, you also get information on where to get various services, such as where to get a reputable child support program lawyer, the district child support division, and how previous cases have been handled. People who have previously obtained child support services give their feedback to determine the quality of services rendered.

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Every day, couples make the decision to divorce. In the United States, a divorce occurs every 36 seconds, which amounts to nearly 2,400 divorces a day.

For some couples, this may be a mutually-agreed upon and amicable decision, while for others it is not. When there are children involved, decisions also need to be made on custody, visitation rights, and child support.

In the United States, more women than men tend to file for divorce. Two-thirds of divorce cases are filed by women, and 90% of these women have custody of the children.

Each parent’s financial situation is usually considered when determining child support awards. While there are other factors the court will consider, this one is primary. Mothers do tend to receive child support more often than fathers, however. Recent figures show that 79% of mothers are awarded child support while 30% of fathers are granted child support.

t’s also been found that 65% of divorced mothers are not receiving chid support. The reasons for this will obviously vary; however, it’s possible that these mothers are in a financial situation where additional support may not be wanted or needed.

Another reason for these mothers not receiving child support may include the possibility that this wasn’t properly addressed during the divorce proceedings. Still another, and more common reason, is that the non-custodial parent has refused to pay child support and/or has defaulted on their payments.

In some cases, child support may not be awarded because one or both parents are planning to remarry. However, if they remarry at all, this may not occur for 3 to 4 years after the divorce. It usually takes women 3.1 years to remarry, while men usually take 3.3 years to do so.

Unfortunately, nearly 50% of divorced parents with children become poverty-stricken after a divorce. While the reasons for this will vary, a lack of child support may be a major contributing factor.

It’s interesting to note that when non-custodial mothers are required to pay child support, over 46% of them default on their payments. Just 27% of non-custodial fathers appear to have defaulted.

As of 2013, there were 6.5 million custodial parents that had a child support agreement or award on record. Out of this number, 5.7 million had pending child support payments.

When you are considering divorce, it’s important to consult with a family law attorney. In addition to providing information and counsel on your rights and responsibilities, your attorney will also be able to assist you with filing for divorce and child support.

If you are already divorced and haven’t been receiving or paying your mandated child support, then a family law attorney can assist you with handling this as well. An attorney can also assist you with other matters such as visitation rights and requesting or making adjustments to your child support order.

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