Is Bail the Same As Bond?

Bail vs bond, are they the same? There are several steps that will take place after a person has been arrested for a crime. After the person has been before a judge, conditions and terms may be set for the person’s bail. However, it is important to note that sometimes a defendant can be denied by a judge if a person is being a threat to people in society at large. If this is the case the person’s and not be released before the trial. Also, they are remanded into the custody of law enforcement.

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Although bail and bond may seem to be the same thing and are used interchangeably, they are related but different. To get a better understanding, we will start with bail and what it is. Bail, in short terms, is cash, property, or a bond the individual gives to the government (or in this case the court) that says that he or she will appear in court.

After the court date appearance, a bond can be refunded to the defendant. However, if the defendant does not show up in court a warrant can be out for his or her arrest and the bail can be forfeited to the government. That means that the money is not refunded to the defendant who had been arrested.

A bail bond is different but related. It is a surety bond. Bail bonds can be obtained through a surety bond company. There are two ways to obtain a bail bond. It is through a bail agent or a bail bondsman who secures the release of the defendant from prison or jail. There are two types of bail bonds. They include criminal bail bonds and civil bail bonds.