Probate Lawyers Compared With Other Lawyers

Differentiating different kinds of estate lawyers can be tricky. Estate planning probate lawyers focus on a variety of areas of estate law, but these kinds of lawyers can be broken up into a few subcategories. Watch this video to learn more about them.

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Probate Lawyers
This kind of estate lawyer handles with all things probate usually after somebody passes away. This means they speak with the people in charge of the deceased’s assets and work with them to figure out the most suitable conclusion. They still specialize in all things probate, but they specifically work on cases where the main asset holder has already passed away.

Estate Lawyers
These types of lawyers help living clients set up estate plans, trusts, and wills. These are all areas of estate plans that are better to be dealt with when you are alive. This makes the process of handling your after life affairs much easier on your loved ones.

Probate Litigation Lawyers
These kinds of lawyers handle any disputes that arise within the creation or administration of an estate. These are the kind of estate planning probate lawyers that handle the legal battles between parties involved with a deceased person’s assets and overall estate.

For more information about the jobs of these different types of lawyers, contact a local law office.

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