Red Flags to Look Out for in Moving and Storage Services

When considering moving, watch out for scammers. This video highlights red flags to look out for in providers of moving and storage services.

Possible scams:
1. Bait and switch pricing
2. Extra charges
3. Property weighed using cubic feet

Video Source

Hiring a broker, not a moving company

Red flags:
1. No proof of existence – lack of details such as a physical address and registration, on the website.
2. Phone estimates – instead, get an in-house written and signed estimate.
3. Huge down payment demands – maximum should be 10% – 20%.
4. Suspicious bids – avoid significantly low bids.
5. Avoids giving the client a copy of the federal brochure “Ready to Move”.
6. Promises that quotes will not change – quotes will change depending on personal property.
7. Promises that everything is insured – only up to 60% is covered.
8. Accepts only cash – choose movers who accept only credit cards.
9. Unmarked trucks – linked to scams and theft.
10. Fake reviews – avoid Yelp and use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website instead for reviews.

Always check the mover’s license number with FMCSA. Check BBB to find out their letter grade and professional memberships.