Seeking Financial Advice? Contact a Litigation Attorney

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Are you searching for a securities or stockbroker fraud lawyer for information or counsel? Litigation attorneys with experience in securities law are aware of the government laws and regulations that pertain to these matters. Depending on your reasons for seeking the services of a securities fraud attorney, you may be interested to know a few details about how they can assist you.

Since a financial advisor attorney is aware of the laws governing investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, they can provide you with investment advice. According to FindLaw, this includes, but is not limited to, providing information on the signs of investment fraud and mismanagement.

Securities fraud, as you are probably aware, occurs when an individual misrepresents investment opportunities and/or otherwise provides false information. In addition to violating the law, these individuals also cause others, under false pretenses, to lose some or all of their assets and investments. Other types of misconduct may include insider trading.

While new cases continue to be brought before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 2014 figures indicate that there were 1,639 pending cases for securities and commodities fraud. In addition, there were 633 corporate fraud cases pending at that time.

There were, however, 755 enforcement actions filed during 2014. As a result, the SEC obtained approximately $4.16 billion in disgorgement and penalties.

Mortgage fraud has been at the center of several prominent cases. In 2014, the SEC brought additional charges against the Bank of America as well as three of Morgan Stanley’s entities. The Deutsche Bank AG was charged by the SEC in 2015 for misrepresenting financial reports. In all three of these cases, penalties were determined and the entities agreed to pay.

There are a variety of cases that have been in the media over the past few years. Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi, or pyramid, scheme is but one of these. An investment scheme like this is built on an increasing number of recruiters locating investors. As more investors buy into what is being offered, the profits travel up the ladder to the top of the pyramid.

When searching for litigation attorneys to assist you with any of the issues outlined above, it’s important to do so at your earliest convenience. If you are planning to make a considerable investment, have discovered that your investment portfolio has been mismanaged, or believe you may have committed securities fraud, a securities attorney can provide counsel.

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