What Legislative Intent Services Offer Legal Firms

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The America of today is vastly different from the America established and envisioned by our country’s founders. The Constitution was created over 200 years ago, but even back then our founding fathers wanted the future Americans to have the ability to make amendments as needed thanks to the fifth article of the constitution. To this date there have been a total of 27 constitutional amendments and countless state amendments to keep track of — sometimes even lawyers need help keeping up to date on legislative news.

How Do Federal Statutes and Regulations Change?

A law first starts out as a bill that has been sponsored by a member of congress, although anyone can potentially draft a bill. There are currently over 300 bills awaiting action in the Senate alone, so it is a slow process. Once a the bill has been approved by the Senate and House alike the president has ten days to either sign or veto the bill. If the bill is signed, it is turned into a law. In the case of a proposed amendment, it must first be ratified by three-fourths of the states after congressional approval.

Finding a Legislative Intent Service

With so many changes over the years and the potential for unique situations, sometimes lawyers need help to analyze the history of how a law developed particularly. For over a hundred years now, state courts have deferred to legislative intent when it comes to interpreting state law. Legislative intent services help lawyers find clarity in interpreting federal and state laws. By gaining a better understanding of the law and the circumstances that lead to the change, lawyers are more equipped to address the law and compose a case for their client. While you may not always need to defer to legislative intent for every case, legislative intent services are standing by to help lawyers get clarity on some of the most obscured cases. Find out more about this topic here.

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