Which Legal Matters Require Video Documentation?

Legal videos

Dishonest workers compensation claims and fraudulent insurance schemes cost insurance companies (and those who pay premiums) a lot of money each year. In fact, in 2011, the state of California reported that it recouped a potential loss of $276,894,742 due to the number of fraudulent activities that authorities either thwarted, prevented, or referred to the appropriate prosecutors. Workers compensation insurance fraud can be simple or complicated, but more often than not, require lengthy investigations.

In the event of a fake on the job injury, for example, a plaintiff may enlist the services of a legal videos expert to provide footage that is permissible in court and shows evidence of the crime being committed via the defendant engaging in physical activity that they claimed they were unable to perform on the job. Likewise, legal videos have been used to help uncover insurance scams, too. For example, there are several known scams that involve positioning an innocent third party into a minor fender bender. In this event, two or more people involved with the scam lead the unwitting innocent third party into a minor accident. In these fraudulent (albeit rare) events, legal videos from the scene of the accident have uncovered the malevolent intent of the criminals. Legal videos can also prove to be very valuable in wrongful death matters in which a thorough investigation is warranted.

Legal videos can be used for far less nefarious matters, too. Legal videos can be used for site inspections or construction site surveys. Legal videos provided by deposition videographers can be another method of recording and transcribing the testimonies of the parties involved in a case, settlement, or other issues outside the courtroom such as the signing of wills and pre nuptuals. Additionally, many legal videos are used within the courtroom to document the judicial proceedings.

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