Why Everyone Should Have A Will

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Making a will can be a difficult, emotionally draining task. No one wants to think about their eventual passing, or the passing of their loved ones, but it is important to think about how you want to take care of your family after you are gone. Though it is important for the elderly and the terminally ill to have wills in place, everyone should go through the process of making one. We never truly know what will happen in life, and it is wholly better to be prepared for the worst and leave your family taken care of than to assume that nothing bad will happen and leave them without the support that a will could have dictated and provided. A will lawyer can help you through this process, working with you to make it as simple and stress free as possible. A will lawyer will know the ins and outs of making a will, and can help you make it as strong and beneficial as possible.

Many people in the United States are without a will. 51% of older Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 don’t have a will. When survey participants were asked why they did not have one, most said that they just hadn’t found the time to sit down and make out. They just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. And, unfortunately, over half of people never do. 55% of people die without a will or estate plan drawn out and in place.

A will takes awhile to make, sometimes up to two years, so it’s important that you have the guidance of a will lawyer throughout this process. A will attorney will also help you to decide what is most important to include in your will. A will lawyer, trust attorney, and probate lawyer will all tell you the importance of having a will. In fact, a will, living will, and power of attorney are the most important legal documents for a person in the United States to possess. Fortunately, the majority of Americans – 83% – over 72 do have a power of attorney in place. For younger people in the United States, however, that number drops to about 50%. For millennials, the percentage is even lower.

Having a will in place is crucial. A will can help to determine what happens when you pass, and is one of the most powerful legal documents that you can possess. A will lawyer can help make the process of drawing up a will as easy as possible, and can impress upon you the importance of having one in place.

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