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    Are You in Need of Serious Financial Advice?

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    On the morning you received the phone call from school you feared that it was another call about your oldest son being tardy or truant. You never imagined that it would be so much worse. On this, the last week of school, you received a call from the school principal saying that you would need to come to school and pick up your son. He was at school, but his third hour teacher had called security when she realized that your son was under the influence. He was, in fact, high.
    This infraction resulted in a 19 day suspension, and since it was the end of the school year this meant that he would actually still be suspended the first two full weeks of class his senior year. What followed was a confusing mess of drug and alcohol related problems. From a driving while under the influence charge to complete lack of interest when he returned two weeks later than his friends for their senior year, your oldest son’s downward spiral was pretty crazy.
    Nearly mirroring the problems your son wa

    What to Do if You’ve Been in a Car Accident

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    Getting in a car accident is something we all hope to avoid, although it’s not always possible. Even when we drive our best and take all the necessary precautions, we can’t control the way other people on the road drive. You may be the best driver around, but you could still wind up in the middle of an accident. Below are the steps you should take if you are ever in this situation so that you can get the assistance you need.

    Assess the Damage

    The first thing you want to do is assess any damage done to you and to the car. If you feel any serious pain anywhere in your body it may be best to stay still in case you’ve been injured. However, you should also assess the vehicle, because staying put isn’t always the safest route. If you smell gas leaking or see fire, do your best to get out of your vehicle if you can. Agitating an injury is less likely to kill you than your car being engulfed in flames.

    Call 911

    Once you’re safely out of your vehicle, you should pr

    How to Handle a Divorce with Civility

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    If you have children and are going through a divorce you might be struggling with how to handle everything. Divorces can be nasty, especially when things are tense between you and your spouse. However, you also have to consider the feelings of your children and try to proceed in a way that is good for them. If you’re unsure how to proceed, here are some tips on having a civil divorce that won’t leave your children more upset than they already are.

    No Bad Mouthing

    Custody battles are tough, but one thing to remember during the process is that your children are listening. It’s best not to bad mouth your spouse around them or attempt to influence the way they see their other parent. Not only can this hurt your kids, but it can cause extra and unnecessary tension during the divorce process. It’s better to keep unpleasant thoughts to yourself, or only speak them to close friends or family away from your kids.

    Limit Contact

    You should also consider limiting the