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    What Kind of Medicaid Planning Should I Do?

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    Medicaid planning
    It is never too early to start to understand the Medicaid planning process. Depending on the state where you live, Medicaid planning is established and administered according to the the type, amount, duration, and scope of services within a broad set of federal guidelines. States are federally required to cover certain “mandatory benefits,” and can choose to provide other “optional benefits” through the Medicaid program.
    Some of the Madatory Medicaid Benefits Include:
    • Certified Pediatric and Family Nurse Practitioner Services
    • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Services
    • Family Planning Services
    • Federally qualified Health Center Services
    • F

    Divorce Why You Need An Attorney On Your Side

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    Divorce lawyer denver

    Choosing to divorce your spouse is a difficult decision for anyone; and due to the stigma that still, unfortunately, accompanies divorce in the United States, you may feel some shame about your choice. However, know that you shouldn?t and that divorce is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, with at least two divorces occurring each minute in the U.S. Whatever you reasons for choosing divorce, know that they?re valid and that you have the right to this choice. But before going ahead with your divorce, you should get in touch with divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers make the process much smoother, especially for women ? and especially when children are involved.

    How Long Does The Process Take?

    It?s understandable that you?ll want to get your divorce over and done

    Wrongly Accused of a Crime? Contact an Attorney!

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    Minnesota police brutality attorney
    If you or someone you know has ever been the victim of a civil rights violation, police brutality, or prison neglect/abuse don’t stay silent. There are attorneys who could love to offer your legal advice based on their expertise. Here are a few good things to know:
    1. Civil Rights Violations – Unlike other types of law such as medical malpractice where 97% of claims are clearly due to injury, civil rights violations are much more complex. It is important to know your civil rights and if you are concerned that someone or some place has violated them it’s not a bad idea to schedule a legal consultation. Many civil rights attorneys are happy to sit down with potential clients who may be concerned or confused about their civil rights.
    2. Police Brutality

    Guardians and Conservators What’s the Difference and Why They’re Important

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    Living will
    Nobody ever plans on becoming incapacitated and not being able to make decisions for themselves. The sad fact of life is that this is a strong possibility. Things such as estate planning, Medicaid planning, a power of attorney and a living will should be decided upon beforehand. Planning saves possible conflicts, family feuds and insurance problems related to Medicaid planning later down the road and ensures that your wishes are adhered to.
    The guardian is the person appointed to assum

    Court Reporting The Promising Career You Should Consider

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    Did you know that, from 2012 to 2022, court reporting is expected to grow by 10%? Though court reporters are and always will be needed, few know exactly how to get into the field, and what the job really entails. Nonetheless, it?s important to consider entering a field with projected growth, and court reporting is one of the few fields that is expected to grow rather than shrink in the coming years. Furthermore, this job is not only important but vital to ensuring that our legal system works the way it should.

    What Is A Court Reporting Service?

    A court reporter ? also known as a stenographer ? records the goings on in legal proceedings. These proceedings could include everything from depositions to criminal trials and government dealings. A court reporting service doesn

    So You’ve Been Charged With DUIWhat Comes Next?

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    Criminal attorneys indianapolis
    In the modern world, it seems you need a lawyer for just about everything. When you think lawyer or attorney, criminal defense and prosecution probably come to mind. While that’s all well and good, lawyers are necessary for so much more than criminal trials! Say you’re drafting a will, or opening an ice cream shop. Who are you going to call to sort out your affairs, or the copyright on your shop name? You guessed it, a lawyer. Beyond those kinds of legal issues, however, one of the most common cases in which a lawyer is needed is if someone is charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). A common mi

    The Wonderful World of Patents

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    Patent process
    The U.S. Patent Office has granted two main types of patents. These are:
      1. Utility patents
      2. Design patents.
    Let’s talk about these different types of patents.

    First, the utility patent. This is the most common type of patent although it can be fairly difficult to get. A utility patent would be used to deal with technology. It has to do with mechanics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or software. It’s about how things work. It could be about something as simple as a screw or tool but if there is something technical about it, that’s better. It would need to be shown in the drawings or described in a table or graph or in a chemical composition. The utility patent is extremely detailed. This is about how the product functions.

    Next is the design pat