4 Things to Consider if You Plan to File for Divorce From Your Spouse

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Are you considering going through a divorce? It can be a tricky and lengthy process that ends up taking up a lot of time in the long run. Before hiring a divorce lawyer and beginning the process, it is important to understand a few things about divorces and all they could possibly entail. While you may feel strongly that it is time to get out of the marriage and that hiring a divorce law firm is the first step to take, you don?t want to go into the process totally blind.

Interested in learning more about divorce lawyers, the process for filing for divorce papers, and all that can happen during the process? Keep reading for more information to be prepared for your potential upcoming divorce.

4 Things to Know if You?re Planning on Filing for Divorce Soon

When you decide to hire a divorce lawyer and file for divorce, your main priority may be just getting the process started. It is important not to move too quickly that you don?t fully think through and understand the process and all that may happen after you file. Take some time to review these four things you should know before filing for divorce.

1. Wait time

After you have done your research and selected a law firm and a divorce lawyer who match your requirements and meet your needs, that does not mean the process has started. In fact, that simply means the wait time has begun. When you initially petition for divorce, there can be anywhere from a zero to six month waiting period that occurs. During this time, the petition is filed. Eventually, it is serve to the other spouse. All this must occur before the divorce between the two individuals is finalized.

It is important to consider the wait time so that you do not have unrealistic expectations about when the process will be over and when the divorce will actually be final.

2. Kids involved in the process

If you and your spouse have kids, it is crucial that a plan is created for how the children will split their time between each parent. Depending on what the court thinks or what the parents have decided among themselves, children can spend more time with one parent or a variety of other plans can be created.

Nearly 80% of the time, fathers end up seeing their children less than mothers. In only around 22% of divorce cases, fathers tend to see their children more than just once a week if they are living separate from one another.

3. Custody decisions

If you and your spouse are trying to decide on an arrangement for the kids, it can be difficult discussing and coming to a conclusion alone. Third party involvement may be necessary to make a civil decision that both spouses can agree to. Around 29% of the time, it is the case that third party involvement becomes necessary for custody cases. Sometimes, custody evaluations are needed in order to make the soundest decision about how the children should split their time between parents.

Whatever decision is come to, it is important that both spouses follow the final decision and create positive environments for their children.

4. Divorces occur for a variety of reasons

Filing for divorce may come after a variety of things that have happened during your marriage. No one reason is better than another for choosing to go through with filing the divorce papers. Whether there was fidelity in your marriage or drinking or drug abuse, sometimes divorce may be the best option in order to get everyone?s lives back on track. If children are involved, divorce may be the best way to provide a stable environment for them to grow up and spend time with each of their parents separately. Even if the reason is that you and your spouse are no longer compatible, you should not have to remain in a marriage if you are unhappy and unsatisfied.

Do you still need a divorce lawyer or have you already done your research and found one? Let us know in the comments about your experience with the process.

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