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    Divorcing? Get Help From a Family Law Practice Attorney

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    Main reasons for divorce
    Are you struggling with the fact that your marriage is in shambles and that a divorce is going to happen? This is one of the most difficult situations that people can go through in their lives. Unfortunately, numbers indicate that a large number of people are divorcing each and every day. In fact, in the United Sates, an average of four divorces are filed every minute. And, an astonishing 73 percent of third marriages will end in divorce. The average age of couples going through a first divorce is 30 years old. In the past, it used to be quite difficult to obtain a divorce and used to entail having to prove that one spouse was guilty of a crime like abandonment or adultery. While it is much easier to get a divorce these days, people still need the help of an attorney from a family law practice. A

    What Do Business Lawyers Do?

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    Carson city nevada litigation lawyer
    Did you know that there are an estimated 1,225,452 licensed attorneys in the United States? These professionals each specialize in a particular area or branch of the law, such as estate planning for example. One specific type of litigation attorney that plays an important role in our country is a business lawyer. Business lawyers, also sometimes referred to as business attorneys, are lawyers who assist business entities with legal issues and proceedings. These business entities range in many different sizes, from corporations, to LLCs, to not-for-profits, to associations, to joint ventures, to organizations. Business lawyers don’t solely represent business entities either–they also represent individuals who act in a business capacity. In this branch of law, Continue Reading No Comments

    As an Employee, Do You Know Your Rights?

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    Employment lawyer
    When you are hired by a company, you are protected from certain types of discrimination and termination. As an employee, no matter where you are employed, you are afforded these rights by being a working United States citizen. That being said, do you know what these rights actually are? Would you be able to recognize if they were being infringed upon? Even if you love your current job, you should be aware of what is and is not best practice when treating employees fairly.
    • Rights for Employees
    • Certain rights for employees should be common sense, but it is best to know specifics. You should know that, as an employee, it is never okay for you to be physically or psychologically threatened. This can mean sexual harassment or a threat of termination for no reason. If you are work